Jaye Biggs: from Drug Dealer to a Phenomenal Rap’s Gatsby to Watch out For


“Run through the alley from dean and McBride, I’m from the dirt you can see in my eyes
Ma used to say you can make it up out! But the worst thing a nigga can have is pride!!”-Jaye Biggs

From the streets of Magnolia in Southeast, Texas, rapper Biggs is clearly creating a buzz with soulful flows which has help him put his self on the verge to making it to the top and to travel to different destinations outside the state of Texas so that he can spread a generational sound; southern Rap. Biggs brings new style, new meaning and all new concepts to the music industry.  Biggs has release his new single “who weak” which is available on all major online store and on youTube via the link https://youtu.be/FglXFZArEAM. This new song is becoming a success, and is now receiving air play throughout the states as well as in other countries.

Raised in the Beaumont, Texas, Jaye Biggs also known as the “Big Jaye” is a top notch American Rapper and record producer with unique flows which makes it an instant favorite to the listeners. Biggs who is greatly inspired by the Houston culture began taking the rap game seriously at the age of 14. He says his desire to rap grew after watching Dj Screw, Wreckshop and other southern legends. “I love the industry but I wish my area would go back to the roots of where our culture is derived from”, said Biggs.


Jaye Biggs Transformation

Most businessmen will tell you that behind every success are slew of failures, Jaye Briggs is no different. His childhood was rough and jeopardy because his life was intertwined with drugs. Just like anyone else, when you’re young and struggling, it can be hard to make ends meet unless you pursue some…extra-legal means. Biggs grew up not having a lot but hustled his way out. Being raised in a neighborhood as notorious as the magnolia avenue, Jaye Biggs learned how to sell drugs even before his rap career.


While in high school, Biggs had more money than his friend’s parents. He owned shiny cars that had TVs and rims protruding far out from their tires when he was just 17. But just recently after his brother was incarcerated for life for a murder crime, he decided to leave that life behind him. And since then, there has been no looking back for this rising star. He has been a gifted songwriter since childhood and has been penning down powerful lyrics.

Jaye Biggs remains one of Houston’s hottest underground rap artists on an independent label. He has been associated with most celebrities including Danrue and Jermaine Dupri. In 2016, Jaye debuted his highly anticipated “All I know” which showcased more of his lyrical abilities and had Geto G on it. Jaye Biggs has released tons incredible music and continues to stay busy in the studio working on more songs and the streets are slowly but surely convinced that he will be the next MC/Composer to rise to the top as the fans follow.

For more information about Jaye Biggs, please kindly send an email to Jayebiggs@gmail.com or call 4092997121

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