Jill Bigelow, Serial Entrepreneur Explains How Businesses Can Achieve Unicorn Status


A new article has been published on the Virgin platform offering valuable advice on how to achieve in business and take the business to the next level.


In the UK 581,173 new start-up businesses were registered in 2014 with Companies House, in the U.S 543,000, new businesses get started each month. However, just over 52% manage to survive more than five years. Jill Bigelow, Serial Entrepreneur, and finance professional has written a guest post explaining how businesses can achieve the success they are looking for.


The blog post (https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/creating-category-innovation-entrenched-market) titled. Creating category innovation in an entrenched market has received positive reviews, which includes from Laurel Klug Hagopian · Principle Interior Designer at Foxgloves East Interior Design, who said Really great article! Invaluable advice!


To read the article and gain the inspiration needed to succeed, please visit https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/creating-category-innovation-entrenched-market


About Jill Bigelow


Jill Bigelow, a serial entrepreneur, finance professional, USC MBA (2007) and mom of three – ages 6, 3 1/2 and a new born.