Kay Whidbee Sherwood’s New Book Series is Getting Great Reviews Already


Kay Whidbee Sherwood’s News From the Holy Land has been divided into two books and reprinted with two new titles up for grabs: News From the Holy Land I: Rise Up O Dark Prince and News From the Holy Land II: The Dark Prince Reigns. With both of these books, the author aims at taking the reader to a new understanding of what is coming to our world and why some will be here, and others will not. Both books are engrossing and take the reader to a world of terror and tragedy in turbulent times.

Ellaville, Georgia – March 23, 2018

The books illustrate the prophecies on the end-times which are written in Sue Windsor’s book. Sue and her husband Bob move to Israel, where they believe God has called them. In Jerusalem Sue sends e-mails home to friends and family relating news of the events relative to the prophecies in her book.

Book I raises the curtain on the first half of the seven-year Tribulation period, revealing how the Anti-Christ/Beast might gain control of most of the world. Book II exposes in riveting fiction the evil Beast’s hatred of those humans who have not taken his “mark” and also discloses God’s “Great Wrath” against those who take the mark and reject His son. One must read both books to find out who survives, and how. The books are filled with drama, suspense, and action which will keep the reader involved in the story until the end.

The author was quoted as saying, “I aim to translate the end-times into a dimension wherein the readers can experience for themselves the events that unfold in the seven years of tribulation. At that point they will want to know what transpires next. Watch for News From the Holy Land III: The Kingdom of Light. COMING SOON!


Kay Whidbee Sherwood grew up in Mississippi, but she has been living in Georgia for over 30 years. Having lived in Central America and in Algeria, she is most interested in other cultures. That is why she earned a degree in International Studies and a Master degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She then taught ESL at Georgia Southwestern State University. Retired now, she and her husband often travel both for pleasure and on Mission trips.

A mother and a grandmother, Kay writes from the heart and often models characters after someone in her family or someone she knows well. Watch for the new book she is working on now—News From the Holy Land III: The Kingdom of Light. Get the Trilogy!

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