Kids Electric Ride On Cars Feature Replicas of Iconic Luxury Vehicles


Kids Electric Ride On Cars

London, UK – March 20, 2018 – Everyone dreams of owning a high-performance Ferrari or a luxury Mercedes. For those whose budget is a little short, Electric Ride On Cars General Manager, Tom Downs, announced that parents can still share their love of the vehicles with their child through licensed, kid’s electric ride on toy cars.

Individuals will find an extensive number of exciting options for children at Electric Ride On Cars. The licensed replicas of famous and iconic vehicles are powered by a 12v battery and features quick-charge technology to give children hours of realistic playtime. The ride on cars are a great way to get children outside for hours of enjoyable, healthy play.

The kids electric ride on toy cars come complete with a parental remote control for youngsters that are too young to control a ride on car for themselves or can’t reach the accelerator. The remote control provides parents with complete control over the vehicle, while still allowing children to experience the make-believe of piloting their own car or truck. Parents can override a child’s driving at any time if necessary for safety.

Appropriate for children ages 2-6, parents can choose from miniature replicas of a Ferrari, the limited edition LaFerrari, Mercedes Jeep, BMW or Audi. Also available are Bentleys, Mini Coopers, Range Rovers, and Ford Ranger Pickup trucks in multiple colors. The electric ride on cars are emblazoned with official logos and is equally suitable for boys and girls.

Seat belts provide an added level of safety and depending upon the selected model, the ride on cars are equipped with doors that open, working LED lights, or an auxiliary MP3 player connection for realistic pretend time play. Other models have a light-up dashboard, working horn, alloy wheels and realistic engine sound effects, along with push-button start and mirrors. Ford Rangers have working tailgates and bonnets.

Youngsters love to mimic their parents and the realistic looking children’s vehicles available at Electric Ride On Cars provides boys and girls with an opportunity to pretend they’re a famous race driver, exploring a new planet, or searching for treasure. Highly realistic styling enhances the excitement for youngsters of ride on cars and brings out the inner child in parents.


About Electric Ride On Cars

Electric Ride On Cars is the leading provider of licensed toy vehicles for children. The company has multiple types of children’s vehicles from which to choose that will amaze and delight any child. Consumers can choose from electric ride on cars, foot-to-floor ride ons, balance bikes, scooters and go karts.


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