King Brice New Song Don Wepa Becomes A Huge Hit Of 2016


Don Wepa is a follow up from King Brice first single titled “I’m Fuh Real”

One of the most exciting hip hop rap artist of recent times has announced the release of his new single Don Wepa, which is a follow-up to his first single I’m Fur Real. The artist and music producer from New York has released his new single through BandCamp, Itunes, and Spotify.

Music experts and fans have called Don Wepa one of the most exciting hip hop songs of 2016. Some fans have called the single King Brice best work today. However, one thing people do agree on is Dona Wepa should be playing on all the radio stations around the world.

At a time when Hip Hop has been called dull and boring and too mainstream, King Brice has brought new fun and excitement and new meaning for real Hip Hop fans.

To listen to the new tune from King Brice, please visit