KryptoGrapheTM paves the way for Real-Time Crypto Altfolio Management Apps


Launching today, Krypto Graphe Inc. announces the first portfolio management app to integrate with leading crypto exchanges. The KryptoGraphe app calculates actual gains considering all past transactions based on FIFO (first in first out) accounting.
Krypto Graphe Inc. is glad to introduce a new and more practical means for investors to keep track of their crypto portfolios. The KryptoGrapheTM app is the first crypto portfolio management app to integrate automatically with several exchanges and wallets. It is secure, fast, and efficient when it comes to market analysis and portfolio management. Currently, the app has AP

I integration with Coin base, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex with more to be added soon.
“We’re confident that the KryptoGrapheTM app will become a valuable asset for investors. It’s the first app of its kind to integrate so seamlessly with major coin exchanges and provide comparative analysis of investor’s Altfolios.” – Rohan Sheth, CMO.
The KryptoGrapheTM app provides great views of where one’s Altfolio stands overall (profit, loss, and % growth or decline) and how it is performing against other investors and groups (All Investors, Top 25% Investors, Investors from Your Country, Investors with Similar Portfolio Sizes, etc.)

The comparison analysis feature shows you your Percentile performance against other investors. The app also provides real-time market news on the latest capitalization of Bitcoin and altcoins, volume of trades over a specified time, percent of change in the market and more.

At launch, KryptoGrapheTM will be available in five languages. These include English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Russian. The app is set to be available worldwide in Feb 2018 through the Apple and Google Play app stores. Go to for further updates and to discover other unique app features.