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Laniakea Translation Technology is a revolutionary software company that develops applications that enable users to instantly communicate multilingually in the most common and popular languages.  The company plans to launch their products on Indiegogo in May of 2020. Their applications empower users with the ability to interact in natural bilingual conversations both in person as well as long distance.

Their mission is to create a language less society where the communication barriers of old are broken down and the free exchange of information is no longer exclusively limited to the language or languages an individual person speaks. While their applications are currently developed exclusively for Android and available on Google Play, the next generation of their software will run on Windows and iOS operating systems as well.

Their Lingfinity Universal Translator is a unique application that gives users the ability to interact in over 70 languages in person. This application will soon feature offline mode allowing you to use the device when the internet is unavailable, as well as hands free Bluetooth capability so two or more users can interact in natural bilingual conversations with any compatible Bluetooth device.

The languages currently available include but are not limited to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, and German. If you need long distance translation solutions try their Polyglot instant messenger or Babylon chat room applications.

When they launch on Indiegogo in May of 2020, they will also offer a referral program where anyone who shares their link with their network can potentially win a gift card, vacation, cruise, or even a new car or home (*contact for details or follow on social media for more information)! This move is primarily meant to raise the necessary finances required for the final output through platforms like Windows, Android and Apple. It will also be used for updates to all applications including but not limited to the addition of new languages, voice selection, offline capability and much more.

About Laniakea Translation Technology

The Lingfinity Universal Translator is priced at $60 or less with promotions and a suggested retail price of $199.  Early supporters and investors can get a discounted price starting as low as $30, € 27, ¥ 112!

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