Launch of a new online platform Sommet 3v Avis


Sommet 3v Avis is a new web platform located in Montreal, Québec for comments, advice, and warnings which was launched in February of 2020 by a former tenant of the Sommet 3v project..


This website, which is specially dedicated to tenants, future tenants, and former tenants of a building in Quebec, located at 937 avenue Roland-Beaudin, Québec, G1V0H6, is intended to help those in search of condos and housing to make an informed decision before signing their lease.


On the Sommet 3v Avis website, you can read and share your experience safely and efficiently at all times.


If you want to know what real people think before you make a purchase, then you need to read the new platform. These are honest reviews by real people, allowing you to hear the real story without the sales patter.


For more information, and to read the reviews, and to leave your own review, please visit