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The new Bathroom hardware and accessories will help transform any bathroom. The company has over 5,000 bathroom hardware and accessories available and can supply their products to customers around the world with a fast shipping service.

A leading global Manufacturer and supplier of professional bathroom hardware and accessories are pleased to announce they have added new products and styles to their catalog. Roche (www.rocheltd.com/) new range of bathroom products will help transform any bathroom and help builders and property renovators to create a stunning bathroom environment.

The China-based manufacturer has become an important partner for businesses around the world including builders, property renovators, and retail outlets. With over 5,000 plus sets of bathroom hardware and accessories with fast shipping available, tens of millions of homeowners will find they have one or two products in their bathroom which have been supplied by Roche.

The new bathroom hardware and accessories will provide bathroom fitters and retail outlets with an even bigger range of bathroom ware to supply their customers. Their new hardware and accessories available include Towel bars, Double bar towel rack, Tower Shelf, Glass shower shelf, Bathroom towel ring, soap basket, Toilet tissue holder, Bathroom hook, Toilet brush holder, and Glass shower shelf to name a few.

One of the main reasons why Roche has become a leading supplier of bathroom hardware and accessories is not just the high quality of their products and their fast shipping service, they have also become the main supplier due to their price. By cutting out the middleman and going straight to the manufacturer, Roche customers can save a great deal of money but it doesn’t stop there. Roche has a policy of passing on all the saving on to their customers, making their products even more affordable, which means more profits for builders, house renovators, and retail outlets.

To see the wide range of bathroom hardware and accessories available, and learn how competitive on price they are, please visit http://www.rocheltd.com/


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Roche has 12 years experience in exporting bathroom hardware and accessories to Europe, North America, and the Australian markets. Roche knows more about the bathroom hardware and accessories market than local dealers!


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