Life Masters’ Tony Dovale Offers FREE Business Optimisation Workshop to Create EXPONENTIAL Results


Johannesburg— Life Masters, a leading provider of Teamwork & High-Performance  Organisational Well-Being Interventions, today announced that Tony Dovale, founder and CEO of Life Masters, has launched his latest Exponential-Performance System; CLEARx to help companies enhance and optimise critical business operations, performance and profitability.


A FREE… How To Create High Performance Teams Workshop is being facilitated in Johannesburg in November…… Plus readers can get a free High Performance Diagnostic Assessment just by registering online.


Says Dovale, “Because of ever-increasing global competition, most companies need to optimize performance, but they are uncertain as to what specific actions will actually deliver bottom line impact and sustainable results.  There are 6 specific areas that directly deliver bottom-line impacts, but few companies knowing this information, ever optimise it successfully.”


Exponential Growth Presents Challenges for High Performance Organisations (HPO’s)


As the developer of the new CLEARx Exponential Performance Optimisation System, Tony Dovale has deep insights into business leaders, teams’ and individuals top challenges and threats, and has a solution that transforms results.


With over 35 years at the forefront of the Human Potential Technology and business /teamwork development, with local and global organisations, Tony has started to share his best-kept Exponential Performance Optimisation secrets with companies who are optimally positioned to become HIGH Performance Organisations (HPO’s).


As worldwide competition grows, staff development requires a powerful foundation that develops and optimises Extended Psychological Capital: Resilience, agility, flexibility and growth-oriented Mindsets, to support this challenge of exponential business performance.  “Few companies actually do this.”, says Dovale


“The speed at which business is shifting is incredible. We need people and teamwork that can keep up with and help drive exponential business results.  Life Masters’ CLEARx is THAT platform and process to help achieve this,” said Tony Dovale, CEO for Life Masters.


Why Life Masters CLEARx?


Businesses that have incorporated Life Masters’ CLEARx Exponential Results System and wisdom, have achieved exponential results of 2x to 4x within a short time period. CLEARx has been use to transform their business Context and Culture; Leadership, Engagement, Appreciative Accountability, Relationships, Resilience, Right Mindsets and Xecution.


Says Dovale. “Many teams struggle to transform their strategic plans and intentions into high performance, fiercely-focused actions. That’s why I designed the CLEARx Exponential Results Framework, reinforced by more than 36 years of my own, and global High Performance research and development by business and academic experts.”


In todays’ times, leaders need leverage, clarity, focus, impact and the right balance between a people-friendly solution, and one with a strong focus on financial results.


CLEARx has guided numerous organisations to achieve exponential results supporting PEOPLE and PROFITS. Because of it’s holistic approach, Life Masters’ CLEARx Exponential Results optimisation solution can help companies:


                Gain clarity on the present organisational status, static and constraints.

                To quickly and directly address the 6 core areas of exponential results.

                Develop staff with the right Mindsets and teamwork that’s resilient, flexible, agile, adaptive and robust, that enables teams to achieve outstanding and sustainable performance.

                Benefit optimally from a single point of focus, and an independent and honest insight, of its entire well-being, happiness, and optimisation potential status.

                Life Masters’ proven holistic solution can eliminate the hassles of managing, maintaining and aligning multiple interventions.

                Have relevant insights with Social Network Analysis, Engagement levels, Happiness@Work status, Organisational Well-being, Individual Psy-Cap, Stress levels, Resilience, Values Conflicts, Teamwork and Trust levels.

                Life Masters dashboards and tools can enable leaders and managers to monitor, analyse, pre-empt problems, and rapidly and intelligently adjust actions on an ongoing basis.

                The management team will also be able to quickly access the effectiveness of strategic intentions and tactical interventions’ effectiveness.


About Life Masters


Life Masters believes that business is about PEOPLE and PROFITS… Real leadership is one side of the exponential coin, High-Performance Staff and optimal teamwork, are the other side of the exponential results coin.


Optimal Psychological Capital is every high-performance teams’ foundation and secret weapon, enabling them to rapidly dial into exceptional agility, responsiveness, resourcefulness and performance… even under pressure.


By decoding what actually works in creating exponential business results, Tony Dovale empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and teams, to optimise and revolutionise their Mindsets and performance.


CLEARx Cuts Directly To The HPO Chase…

Fiercely-Focusing on what really matters, and makes positive impacts, to create SWIFT sustainable Success.  Dovale is determined to revolutionise business to support PEOPLE AND PROFITS.


Hundreds of teams have experienced personal life-changing interventions that are life-giving and performance optimising for them and their organisation.


Since its inception in 1994, Life Masters has positioned itself as a foremost provider of Exponential People and Business Optimisation Interventions; Self Mastery, Real Team Working, Organisational CultureShift and Company Well-Being development systems for individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes.  CLEARx goes way past coaching in process and ROI.


Many companies rely on Life Masters CLEARx and FORMULA WON Success Ensurance systems to increase innovation, optimise actions, activate resilience and agility, and fast-track appreciative and positive business transformation.


Life Masters continues to expand its success in delivering the best organisational CultureShift and Human  Performance Technologies and practices to businesses around the world, enabling them to lower staff stress, static and conflicts significantly, while increasing engagement, happiness, trust, team working PsyCap and Fiercely-focused Appreciative Actions.


Free Life Masters CLEARx Introduction Event


Attend a FREE Life Masters CLEARx Introduction event from in South Africa. Or download a Fast Fact Sheet, to capitalise on CLEARx Exponential Results System for your business.


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