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Amazon Press Release Distribution Services

Amazon Press Release Distribution Services
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Amazon Press Release Syndication Services

Are you an Amazon Seller? Are you wondering how to increase Amazon Sales? We have the answer.

Our Amazon Press Release Distribution Services allows you to promote your Amazon products to a wider audience. We will put your Amazon product on more than 200 news sites and in Google News.

Amazon marketing can be hard and it can be expensive, but for just $25 you can easily promote your Amazon products and become a successful Amazon seller.

We also have available a service where you can increase the number of news sites to put your Amazon press release on. Have a look at our Premium Amazon Press Release Distribution Service.


What We Offer?

We will promote your Amazon products by putting a press release or article supplied by you on more than 200 news sites. It will also go in Google News.


Social Media Promotion

We will promote your Amazon Press Release on Twitter and on Facebook



We require you to provide an article or a press release that promotes your Amazon product. You will need to supply your company name, the country you are in and also the link to the Amazon product. You will also need to supply up to four images. It is also important that you supply a title for your press release that is at least eight words.

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