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UK & USA Press Release Distribution

UK & USA Press Release Distribution
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UK & USA Press Release Distribution

About Our UK and USA Press Release Distribution Service


If you want to combine UK and USA press release distribution to get your news noticed then this is the package for you.

The press release will be published on a popular UK news site called In2Town Today News and put on more than 200 sites that include Digital Journal and Google News.

If the article is newsworthy, then we may put it in Bing News as a free extra.

Our service is a great way of getting your news out there or to gain customers attention about a new product or service. It can also help with verification and citations.


Where this will be published?

Our press release distribution service will publish your press release, article, or interview on more than 200 news sites. It will also be put on our twitter account.


Social Media Promotion

We will also promote your press release using social media promotion.


Requirements for your article:

You need to send me a unique content that is minimum 400 words, free from any style or grammar errors. You can have a maximum of 4 links and three images. The article must be in English only.


About Our Premium Press Release Distribution Service

    In2town Today News

    Google News

    Google Inclusion

    Yahoo Inclusion

    Bing Inclusion

    Dstributed to 250 News Sites

    Sent Direct To News Editors via email

    Published on

    Syndication to 80 Financial Feeds

    Syndication to 132 News Sites

    Syndication to 36 Industry News Sites

    Sent to 96 Regional & Local News Sites

    Syndication To Google News

    Bing Inclusion

    Promoted through social media

    SEO Mass Ping

    Press Release Permanently Hosted

    Full Report Provided


We do not accept the following content

We don’t accept niches related to gambling, pharma, smoking or adult content, Crypto, or weight loss.

Thank You! Your Press Release is submitted

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