Liteview K5: The World’s Best Portable Smart FHD Projector Ever With Rotating Angle Lens®.


An advanced FHD smart TV screen on the go. The world’s first model projector with rotating focal lens

A group of home-office product start-up enterprise “Liteview Solutions” is proud to announce the release of a new exciting product named “Liteview K5 smart portable projector” which was designed with consumer satisfaction in mind. A Perfect Smart 3D TV Screen in your hands anywhere & everywhere you go; mobile cinema in the pocket which is simple and easy to use whether you are at home, office or on trip.

The Liteview K5 smart pocket projector is an excellent portable projector with a fully gorgeous aluminum steel casing design, in-built intelligent hardware, a powerful Android OS, iOS, Windows & MAC PC compatibility. With its built-in battery designed for low power consumption, it is a portable entertainment device that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere.

It has an innovative and unique patented design which makes an adjustable elevation angle of up to 90 degree with automatic keystone correction, thus don’t require a tripod or other accessories and its small body design makes it possible to carry Liteview K5 smart around. Here are some key highlights:

  • Uniquely designed to be Small, Light & Portable.
  • Patented 90 Degree Rotating Adjustable Angle.
  • Automatic Keystone Correction.
  • Advanced 3D Technology & Full 1080P HD.
  • High Sensitivity Sensor Chip with a efficient heat dissipation.
  • One-step Wireless Mirroring Screen with multiple streaming options.
  • Shock Sound Effects.
  • Android Operating System.

If you’re looking for an entertainment on the go, mobile cinema, a big TV screen that is beautifully crafted, easy to use and adjustable rotating angle lens then Liteview K5 is made especially for you. We offer a special discount to our Early Birds, so get your early bird perk now and enjoy our 60% off Limited Discount which comes with bonus free offer of “16GB Sandisk memory card”.

We are live on Indiegogo because we believe the backer community will play an indispensable role in the development and nurturing of Liteview K5 to the market.

Your support will not only helps us get Liteview K5 to market but will also supports a young vibrant company that consists of two passionate and dedicated team with many innovative ideas and exciting visions.

About Liteview Solutions

Liteview Solutions is a home/office/phone accessories start-up in Arkansas, United States. We believe that our personal, home-office devices and accessories should be smart, simple and above all easy to use.

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