Live Better For Less In Panama Says Panama Relocation Tours

UK Retirees are moving to Panama
Panama Relocation Tours

Panama Relocation Tours is helping people from around the world to understand how affordable moving to and living in Panama really is.

UK Retirees are moving to Panama
Panama Relocation Tours

A leading relocation company that offers tours of Panama has revealed retirees can live for less in Panama. Panama Relocation Tours have become one of the major reasons why so many people from the USA and around the world have moved to Panama.

The company which is owned by Jackie Lange provides an all-inclusive tour of Panama over six days and five nights. The tour introduces people to the affordable and wonderful lifestyle that ex-pats in Panama enjoy. The tour which includes ground transportation, lodging, and meals and the flight back to Panama City has gained worldwide exposure.

The United States has become an expensive country to live in, and according to financial experts, the cost of living in the USA will continue to rise. Millions of retirees are finding it difficult to deal with the high cost of living. In order to survive some retirees are taking drastic action which includes selling their properties or downsizing in order to afford their retirement.

The USA is currently 36% more expensive to live in than Panama.


+ 29%


+ 27%


+ 16%


+ 112%

Personal Care

+ 16%


 + 19%


However, there is a real solution for those retirees who are fed up with not enjoying their retirement and worried about their financial future. Panama, which is located in Central America is helping retirees to live better for less. It’s a popular country with expats, especially for those who have retired.

There are many reasons why retirees should move to Panama, they include:


  1. Lower cost of living
  2. Panama is the safest country of Latin America
  3. Expat-Friendly Population
  4. Thriving Economy
  5. Pleasant Weather
  6. Delicious Food
  7. Quality Medical Care
  8. Great Entertainment
  9. Fantastic Social Life


Panama Relocation Tour Dates For 2018 are:

January 13th- January 18th 
February 24th-March 1st
March 10th-March 15th
April 14th- April 19th
May 12th-May 17th

June 9th-June 14th
July 14th-July 19th
August 4th-August 9th
September 8th-September 13th 
October 6th-October 11th

December 1st-December 6th 

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About Jackie Lange
The company’s owner is Jackie Lange who has lived in 4 countries, moved 22 times and visited 26 countries. She has plenty of great experience in relocating to a foreign country. She and her husband discovered the hidden gem of Panama.

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