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Living Boldly INC. equips individuals and organizations with tools, systems, structures, and coaching for Productivity that activates & accelerates their Success

Living Boldly INC. provides a platform for women in diaspora to connect, network and access productivity tools through their ACTIVATE LIVE Events and The BOLD Collective.

Living Boldly INC. was designed for individuals and organizations seeking the best tools, systems, structures, and coaching to elevate themselves and achieve their boldest dreams. They work with individuals and organizations to achieve transformational success through their ACTIVATE LIVE events, corporate trainings, coaching, podcasts, ACTIVATE Magazine, planners, online courses, The BOLD Collective and much more. 

ACTIVATE LIVE is a customized hands-on coaching workshop to Activate & Accelerate women in diaspora. This event is hosted in different cities in North America, Europe and Africa. This event offers clarity of intentions and arms clients with a sure-fire plan for pursue their vision.

The BOLD Collective is a breakthrough transformational coaching & mentoring community to support individuals to achieve all-round success using their signature 12 significant pillar model. Individuals in this community have the opportunity to connect with well-seasoned mentors, online courses, networking events and LIVE workshops.

ACTIVATE Weekends is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate, get renewed and realigned. The Weekend allows individuals to get inspired, regroup and refocus on living out their best lives. The retreat will leave attendees with a strong sense of vision, presence, and confidence for success.

Online courses are available on a variety of topics spanning the 12 significant pillar areas. Course participants will be equipped with the right systems and tools which will help them to live a well-balanced life.

Their Enterprise Solutions offer tailored corporate training, business & enterprise solutions. Living Boldly INC. are experts in Personal development, leadership, productivity, Execution Mastery, DISC behavioral coaching and business coaching.

On their website, there is a wealth of FREE resources that help individuals to gain success in every area of their lives. Individuals can explore the organization’s free webinars, podcast, magazine, videos, and learning courses for fresh ideas to become their best self.

Living Boldly INC. tools, systems, structures, and coaching can help individuals gain clarity and achieve their BIG & BOLD Dreams. Their team of experienced coaches and mentors help clients to achieve their dreams by re-aligning their personal goals.

Individuals looking for success can sign-up to join the breakthrough BOLD Collective, take a course or attend any of their ACTIVATE LIVE Events. 

Learn more about how Living Boldly INC. can support you in living out your BIG & BOLD dreams by visiting the organization’s official website.

Instagram: @livingboldlyinc

Facebook: @livingboldlyinc

YouTube: @livingboldlyinc

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Company Name: Living Boldly INC. Canada
Contact Person: Media Relations

Country: Canada


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