lobbyTV Announces Bank TV Platform


An Educational and Storytelling Experience


Fort Worth, TX – In this era of retail banking, regional and community banks are struggling to compete with larger bank establishments in efforts to gain new customers and retain being a preferred choice.

lobbyTV recognizes that most new customers are still signing-up inside a bank and first impressions matters most. In this digital age, educating customers about what it means to bank local and what is unique about that banks offered services, is essential for customer loyalty.

Creating a good in-branch experience, making customers feel a trip to the bank is worth going for, local banks can now create a valued experience over online offerings.

lobbyTV developed a cloud-based Business TV platform that enables banks to transform waiting in their lobbies into an educational experience. lobbyTV’s bank platform is developed around Banks’ unique requirements of telling their story effectively and creating a unique banking experience.

With lobbyTV’s artificial-intelligence powered solution, banks have the opportunity to add-in curated news, current affairs, and specific bank content among other features. lobbyTV’s platform also offers over 5000 radio stations, social feeds, weather and more; keeping customers engaged and educated. Creating a memorable experience and just the right is the advantage banks need in today’s world.




For more information, please visit https://lobbytv.co/banks or call 682.990.0082

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