lobbyTV Launching Near Field Advertising Platform for Restaurants Trying to Better Connect with Customers


LobbyTV Launching Near Field Advertising Platform for Restaurants

Fort Worth, TX- lobbyTV is launching NFA platform at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace Event on July 15th, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. Imagine creating an interactive journey for restaurants based on customer proximity.  Customers who are close to your establishment will receive a notification and the many benefits of promoting your products or services are endless. Near Field Advertising allows businesses to look further into their analytics, allows for a/b testing, and attracts customers just by sending push notifications to their cellular device if they are within range of the business. Reach potential customers with a touch of a button by controlled content with examples like specials, giveaways, discounts, email signups, #hashtag contests, and in doing so, gain more traffic to your business. With lobbyTV’s affordable platform, restaurants are now able to integrate Near Field Advertising into their marketing strategies and reach clients who are already nearby with just pennies on the click.


Near Field Advertising uses a next generation technology called Physical Web and is already integrated on all Android devices which account for over 63% of the current market.

It’s a simple process of placing the device inside the restaurant and customizing the content messaging being sent out. The majority of patrons within proximity will receive a push notification, and from there customers can be driven to designated website pages or promotional content from the restaurant. 


Traditionally, large amounts of advertising dollars are spent to bring customers in, but rarely focus on in-store experiences or attracting nearby patrons. lobbyTV originally focused on improving in-store experience via storytelling using digital screens, and now have added additional services such as this futuristic and attractive Near Field Advertising feature. Establishments can now efficiently deploy their marketing strategies using lobbyTV’s solutions to reach a higher number of customers, thus filling in the gap between business and customers.



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