London Nigerian Food Catering Service Delivers Delicious Food To Residents And Businesses – Pepper N Sauce


Pepper N Sauce is a Nigerian food catering service that has been launched in South East London, UK. The service can deliver home-cooked West African food to residents who want the real taste of Africa, businesses who want to order in, or for weddings and special events who want food they will never forget.

A new Nigerian Food Catering service has been launched in South East London, UK, bringing the true taste of West African food to those that love the real freshly made cuisine. Pepper N Sauce, which has already been named as one of the most exciting new catering services to be introduced in London can provide a delivery service for residents, businesses, and even special events.

The new West African catering service also offers a pickup service. This service is easy to use. For those people who would like to enjoy real freshly made Nigerian food to take home to family and friends, can place their order by contacting +447467472215.

Although Pepper N Sauce is based at Woolwich church Street London SE18, and provide a local delivery service to entice the taste buds of those living in London, they also provide a national delivery service. This service allows people all over the UK to enjoy the high-quality freshly made West African food and have it delivered directly to their door.

When asked to explain more about the new business and why it stands out, a spokesman for Pepper N Sauce said:” We have a kitchen where we cook varieties of Nigerian food using definitely authentic spice and recipes.”

Pepper N Sauce has quickly become a firm favourite with those that are organising a special event including a wedding, birthday, or function. The West African catering service can cater for any event from 2 to 500 people, providing quality tasty food that guests will talk about for weeks.

“We pride ourselves on the unique catering service that we provide for families and professional who are tired of the local takeaway food. We provide fresh home cooked food, that is very healthy. We offer our service enables busy people to take a break from the kitchen and have professional chefs cooking them real home cooked African food,” continued the spokesman.

To enjoy the real taste of Nigerian Food and have it delivered directly to your door, or to pick up the food to take home, please contact +447467472215

About Pepper N Sauce

Pepper N Sauce is based in South London. They cook fresh food with locally source ingredients using authentic recipe to create that special Nigeria food that people are familiar with. They have their own special buy meats and produce which delivers taste, flavour and look. They have a menu of sauce/stews [Egusi garnish with bitter leaf, spinach sauce, ogbono garish with two different leafs to give vibrant taste, bitter leafs sauce, red stew] list is endless. There are also varieties of Rice dishes, swallow and gourmet party food.


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Pepper N Sauce

Woolwich church Street London, SE18