Lord Conrad working on a new music project after the success of Touch – The Sky


Multi-talented artist, dancer, and model, Lord Conrad, working on a new music project on trap music called: PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT after the massive success of Touch – The Sky

Lord Conrad is a multi-talented individual that has his hands in almost every form of arts and entertainment anyone can think of. Lord Conrad has again showed his ingenuity and versatility in his new work, a music single titled Touch – The Sky. The video to the song has also been released on YouTube, with the single currently available on digital stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan, Amazon USA, Yandex Russia, Spotify, and Soundcloud amongst others.

The entertainment world has seen several stars and while many of them have lasted for a relatively short while, others have been able to make their presence felt thanks to their creativity, versatility and ingenuity. One of such talented acts is Italian model and singer popularly known as Lord Conrad. His recent music single titled Touch – The Sky has made a somewhat unprecedented entrance into the music scene, breaking into the New York top 40 music chart as well as the Japan top Music.

The Successful Aesthetic Model is popular for his exploits on the runway but has ventured into making good music and even dancing and has so far surpassed many people’s expectations. He has also announced that he has 5 new music projects in the pipeline, one of which is titled “push it to the limit.” His fans and the world can only wait for what Lord Conrad has in store for music lovers.

In addition to being a successful model that has graced several runways across the globe, Lord Conrad has also made name for himself on the dance floor.

More information about Lord Conrad and his works can be found on his website as well as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.



the body of the press is ok, but change the title, cause i already did 6 months ago the song “touch the sky” , say that he is working after massive touch the sky success on a new music project on trap music called : PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT !!

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