Lyft’s Ratings Trumps Uber’s in Recently Concluded Survey


Correspondents in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) attest to Lyft’s Supremacy, albeit a well-divided market power.


In a recently concluded study which included 22 residents of GTA, regular patrons of two of the biggest ridesharing services- Lyft and Uber, expressed their opinion on both platforms. One would expect the company with more experience in the market (Uber was found in 2009 while Lyft began in 2012) to dominate and accrue stellar reviews, however, the results proved otherwise.

Ever since the disruptive technology of on-demand services burgeoned and became prevalent, the media has provided widely divergent opinions on the quality of service rendered, work ethics, and other metrics on each company. The survey was carried out with the aim of dispelling wrong notions and giving the general public a true picture of the state of things.

The research also evinced an unprecedented pattern- over 90% of the faithful patrons of these companies are millennials. Only one of the correspondents turned out to be over 45. 50% of the sample size were aged 25 to 30 while 45.45 were aged 18 to 24.

Moeugene Ahmed, the principal researcher and facilitator of this study, explained the reason and importance of the research he carried out. “I started driving for Uber a few months ago and I recently joined the Lyft platform. I noticed a disparity in the mode of operation of both companies and I was enthused to see if the users also noticed the same thing”

The act of driving simultaneously for both companies is not a new development. According to research, about 80% of drivers install both applications and run them concurrently, servicing passengers as they deem fit. This behavior also extended to the customers. 100% of the participants had used both platforms at least once. On why the sample size was kept compact, Mr. Moeugene had this to say, “I wanted to work with a very small group, majorly targeting the GTA residents and its environs, so as to have an idea of my terrain. I am confident that this result is representative of bigger cities and I hope to be better equipped with resources to address the matter on a larger scale.”

The survey was concluded with a recommendation to Uber, advising the company to soft-pedal and address the inherent inefficiencies and lack of ethics in the organization. Several participants complained about the pricing model, harsh treatments of staffs, and corrupt practices among others.

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