Mac repair best done by authorized shops

Mac repair best done by authorized shops

Mac computer users expect a lot from their machines and when something goes wrong, they need a fast and reliable repair. Authorized shops are the best choice for work.

Mac repair best done by authorized shops

“Lots of places claim to be able to repair Mac products. Just remember, if you go to an unauthorized shop, it voids the warranty on the system. You also don’t have a lot of recourse at an unauthorized shop,” said Sevada Menachekanian, owner of Group Micro in LA, an Apple-Mac repair shop.

The warranty is important. If the shop makes a mistake or does not do the repair correctly, Apple will stand behind their product at an authorized shop. Apple will make the matter right. If work is done at an unauthorized shop, the Mac owner can only go after the repair shop. Apple will not get involved.

“As computers get more complicated, warranties become ever more important,” Menachekanian said. “When you depend on your computer for your work, you must have guarantees. Only authorized shops provide that guarantee.”

Mac repair is different than Windows-based system because of the Apple corporation’s insistence on keeping control over the hardware and base software for the systems. This company policy also means Macs are less apt to be attacked by a virus or Trojan horse.

Macs can still be affected by malware, spyware and ransomware attacks.

“We can remove malicious software from your computer and make your Mac safe again,” Menachekanian said. “If you think your Mac is compromised, give us a call. We can run a systems check and tell you if your computer is under attack or not.”

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