Mail Resumes LLC announces launch of company and introduces new strategic way to find a job


Houston, Texas – July 24, 2018 – Mail Resumes LLC (Mail Resumes) announced the launch of its company today amidst recent reports that millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed despite a record 6.7 million job openings.

Mail Resumes was created to help those job-seekers that are increasingly frustrated by the conventional job search methods. More specifically, today’s job seekers often waste countless hours:

  • Applying to online job sites only to have their resume put in a pile amongst countless other applicants and forwarded to employers that review (much less seriously consider) a small fraction of the applicants.
  • Chasing recruiters that are motivated by their own financial interests, and often ignore the overwhelming majority of applicants.

We believe the problem many job seekers face is the inability to get their resume in front of a critical mass of prospective employers. So, we devised a new and efficient method to get our customers’ resumes into the hands of many potential employers all at once” says Ranny Sawaf, J.D/LLM, the co-founder of Mail Resumes.  

Mail Resumes targets potential employers that, for whatever reason, do not publicly advertise job openings, including those that do not post on job boards or use recruitment agencies; the hidden job market”.

Mail Resumes has developed a three-step process for job search that comprises:

  • Searching for potential employers that meet each customer’s job search criteria;
  • Assists each customer with finalizing their respective resume and cover letter; and
  • Mailing a copy of each customer’s resume and cover letter to those potential employers that meet the customer’s job search criteria.


To learn more about Mail Resumes, visit their website at: