Malik Mullino, CEO Jadeite Assets LLC, Completes Acquisition of an Orange County Coastline Property For $9.6 Million


California, United States of America – 05 Apr, 2021 – Retired Marine and CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC, Malik Mullino, has acquired new property off the orange county coastline.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr Malik Mullino said,” This property is absolutely amazing the Laguna Coast has some of the most beautiful views in the United States, 3 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms 2 are marbled out with jacuzzi tubs and walk-in showers, a spectacular kitchen, movie theatre, a courtyard, pool, we are talking 4900 square feet on an 11,000 square feet lot.”

Jadelite Assets LLC acquired orange county coastline property for a purchase price of $9.6 million, covering 4,900 square feet area of an 11,000 square feet lot.

According to Industry experts, the property will have a $15 million evaluation within 2 years.

Malik Mullino, CEO of Jadelite Assets LLC, further commented on firm’s mission, said, “Our mission at Jadeite Assets LLC is to find rare investment opportunities that maximize profits.”

Commenting on the financial arrangements, Malik Mullino said,” We have private investors that are very wealthy, and they make very good profits with us. So we can do a wide range of things financially. Be looking for our next acquisition coming soon; it’s in the works.”

About Jadelite Assets LLC

Jadeite Assets LLC is based out of Nevada, founded in 2020. The mission of Jadeite Assets LLC is to vet rare investment opportunities for premium returns thoroughly. We create a steady stream of profits via the diversification of capital resources. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience with a specialist dedicated to each of our capital allocation divisions for investment returns. Our divisions include Real Estate, Transport, Cryptocurrency, and Stock Options.

About Malik Mullino, CEO of Jadelite LLC

Malik Mullino is a native of Oceanside, California, and a retired marine. He attended all required Marine Corps Resident Professional Military Education (PME) Courses and has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from SDSU. Malik Mullino has almost two decades of experience and heads our cryptocurrency investment division.

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