Manufacturer of Smoke-less Fire Pits Launches New Stainless Products


Breeo has announced several new products made of 304 stainless.

Manufacturer of Smoke-less Fire Pits Launches New Stainless Products

Lancaster, PA – Breeo, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company that produces smoke reducing, wood burning fire pits announced Thursday that they will be unveiling a new line of stainless steel products for 2018.

All of the new products are within the Luxeve, Double Flame & Zentro product brands.

Breeo launched the 19” Smoke-less Double Flame on Amazon in 2017 in stainless steel and the product performed well. In addition to this product, Breeo will be adding a 24” version of this same fire pit for 2018. This larger unit will be built out of 304 stainless steel as well, and will also be available on Amazon and through Breeo’s expansive dealer network.

The Double Flame products are designed to be portable, camping friendly units. Optional grilling accessories are fully adjustable, allowing the user to raise and lower the grill and swing it from side to side. Both the grills and the post mounting systems are also made of 304 stainless steel. These products do not require any assembly or tools to operate. The heat from the fire circulates air over the top of the fire pit, creating secondary combustion and as a result, smoke reduction.

Luxeve is another brand of fire pits manufactured by Breeo that operates using the double-wall smoke-less system. New for 2018, Breeo will now be producing these units in 304 stainless as well. The Luxeve products are designed to be high-end patio friendly fire pits that function much like a gas fire pit with regard to aesthetic. The wood burning units are highly efficient and clean burning and are easy to operate. The Luxeve brand is sold primarily through Breeo’s Dealer network of retailers.

The final brand that Breeo has emphasised stainless construction is the Zentro brand. This line of fire pits is designed as permanent units that are built into stone, paver or concrete fire pits. Using the same smoke-less technology, these units have been very popular. Previous to this year, Breeo offered one size (24” model) in stainless steel. However, in 2018 they have announced the addition of 5 more units in 304 stainless steel.

These units include a 24”, 28” and 32” stainless version in the round configuration, and a 24”, 28” and 32” in a square configuration as well. These size options allows the Zentro to fit almost any type of stone, paver or concrete fire pit.


Company Name: Breeo, LLC

Contact Person: Jonathan Clair Miller


Phone: 1 (800) 413 9848

State: PA

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