A group of Nevada based Entrepreneurs are set to release Green Gold, a raw docu-series that captures a behind the scenes look at Nevada’s Marijuana Industry and the surrounding corruption that continues to plague the tourist destination. The director, Nathaniel Turner paints a vivid picture of the pursuit of the new-age American Dream as he fights through the politics and corruption in this booming yet premature industry.

Green Gold captures the preliminary stages of a local Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensary while simultaneously following the road to protecting locals 2nd Amendment right as it pertains to the use of recreational marijuana and right to bare arms, which is federally prohibited. The Documentary also covers the operations along with the research and business development of the company from the initial licensing purchase to the influencing politics in the cities nightlife.

Turner also reveals his current court proceedings with Jody A Ghanem (widow of Famed Doctor Elias Ghanem Sr.) under Clark County’s Ghanem vs. Wellness Connection of Nevada LLC to protect their interest in the local dispensary, which prior to a regulatory board being put in place to oversee these transactions, has affected their ownership percentage owed to them from a 2015 purchase.


As Green Gold continues to garner attention from film industry executives, Turner plans on releasing the docu-series at film festivals throughout the country within the year.


About the Green Gold Docu-series

Tales of Greed, Extortion, and a new tantalizing industry that is causing a series of newly implemented regulations, Green Gold uncovers the journey of a dispensaries’ licensing acquisition and determination to open its doors. Las Vegas proves to be open to anything as long as it helps to maintain its crown as entertainment capital of the world. We watch as director, Nathaniel Turner, pursues the new American Dream amidst his legal battle for his ownership in a local dispensary. In addition, as Las Vegas redefines the purity and potency of the golden standard of marijuana along with the way it’s delivered to the consumer, they finalize their introduction of ‘jar service’ being the nations first prominent cannabis consumption lounge.