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August 14, 2018 – Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, according to studies conducted in 2018. The reports come at a time that nine states have already passed some form of recreational marijuana use. Not only are states allowing recreational marijuana consumption growing, but 29 states have okayed the use of medicinal marijuana. That figure has increased over the last seven years as the substance known as a “gateway drug” is being less demonized by mainstream culture and politicians.

Marijuanally, a website dedicated to posting news, facts, information, and other useful material on cannabis, is helping lead the fight for legalization across the United States. The website is cutting-edge in terms of marijuana. Readers can get the latest health news on the drug and find out ways cannabis can improve their well-being. The dedicated health section on Marijunally contains resources that will allow readers to find out if the substance is right for them.

The website’s culture section gives insightful articles on trending topics. Readers can find out about marijuana through history, its use by famous figures, and ways to choose the best weed at dispensaries.

According to a survey by Yahoo News in April 2017, a reported 55 million Americans had smoked marijuana in the last two months. Of that figure, the website stated 35 million people were considered regular users. The number of marijuana users is growing especially with more people forgoing the traditional way of smoking it and consuming cannabis in other ways. The growth in cannabis use shows the power and influence that Marijunally has with its readership. Due to the limited facts and helpful information for novice and experienced users, Marijunally gives them everything they need to know.

One of the key sections located on the Marijunally website is the strains section. There, readers will find information on a variety of marijuana strains and reviews of each. It is a dedicated section that readers will find nowhere else. In the same way that websites and magazines offer food or technology reviews, Marijuanally gives cannabis consumers the chance to find out more about the product. Readers can also find videos, interactive quizzes, questions and answers and more on the Marijuanally website.

About Marijunally:

Marijuanlly is a cannabis dedicated website that provides readers with vital facts and information on marijuana and its uses. The website aims to give readers expert knowledge, news, and views of the substance.