Marilyn Bryant-Tucker Launches Her Latest Book – BOSS UP: Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success


Ambitions Entrepreneurs can turn their business to gold by following Marilyn Bryant-Tucker’s new book “Boss Up: Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success.

Raleigh, NC – May 20, 2019 – Marilyn Bryant-Tucker is a writer, but before that, she is a marketing guru. Her recent book, BOSS UP: Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success. The book is a guide for the empowerment of business heads to take their business to great heights.

“My book is a ‘How-to’ guide on how to start a business from scratch. The guide is aimed to stir in the readers the initiative to start a business and how to make it a success. Since I realized that as per studies, around eight out of ten businesses failed in their first year, I decided to pitch in my business expertise in this book. It is aimed to be the handbook for all ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs and even teens who are contemplating a start-up,” affirms Marilyn Bryant-Tucker.

The book covers the following points:
• How to create a business and make it a brand
• Ways to reach the customers and win them
• How to gain a competitive edge over other brands
• How to make gifts to a profit-churning mint
• How to set long and short term goals.

The book also has a section called the Book Discussion Questions where the readers will learn on corporate dress codes, and even answer more questions regarding business ethics.

Parents of gifted kids can also learn on ways to help their kids grow up to be successful business owners. The book enlightens the readers on time management, business communication, and methods to create a stunning portfolio. A print edition of this book is only $9.95 and can be purchased on Amazon. Visit the website at

About the Author: Marilyn Bryant-Tucker is an MBA, EGCBA, is the chairperson of the MBT Marketing Solutions. Her years of experience have resulted in her to come up with the book for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners.

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