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MATRIX announces the launch of Blockchain 3.0 – Artificial Intelligence Network

IT and cryptocurrency giant, MATRIX, introduces the civilian application era in the blockchain industry with the launch of its Blockchain 3.0 artificial intelligence network.

Matrix is a unique development in the blockchain that is billed to revolutionize the blockchain industry with exciting advancements. Developed by a team of experts from the IT and cryptocurrency space, the platform is designed to change the face of the cryptocurrency world with a scheduled launch of its initial coin offering (ICO) in January 2018.

The world of digital currency has since blown beyond expectation, with the wave sweeping through nations across the globe. This has led to the adoption of cryptocurrency as a major financial tool. Consequently, the blockchain industry that governs the cryptocurrency world has changed the financial sector worldwide, creating a seamless and decentralized financial network. However, the blockchain industry has its own flaws they have been predicted to materialize in the nearest future. This is where Matrix and its innovative AI+ network come in particularly helpful, giving birth to the Blockchain 3.0 era.

Matrix will be bringing major changes to the world, becoming the backbone of the blockchain industry and the financial world in general. With artificial intelligence being introduced, the concept is coming with four distinct characteristics that will ensure enhanced security for businesses, individuals and other users of cryptocurrency and the blockchain highway.

One of such features is the natural evolution that ensures that Matrix continues to exist regardless of changes that come with the development of the cryptocurrency world. Another distinct feature of Matrix is the intelligent collaboration that allows virtually anyone to process complex problems, as Matrix takes the task and simply delivers the desired result.

Matrix also comes with the public welfare calculation and unprecedented level of safety. The different features and benefits of Matrix stand it out in the cryptocurrency space, as it perfectly integrates AI, with different technology-driven solutions and products designed to make the life of users healthier, safer and more secured.

Matrix plans to touch every part of the average individual’s life from transportation to eating and business operations. With the concept currently in the development stage and an ICO scheduled to commence in January, 2018, this is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the digital currency revolution.


About Matrix

Matrix is a revolutionary blockchain technology innovation that is billed to change the cryptocurrency space in the coming years. Matrix hopes to bring artificial intelligence into the cryptocurrency world with the Blockchain 3.0 innovation.


With a team of industry experts that include Yangdong Deng, Qinghua Li, and Xin Shi, Matrix is said to be the next big thing to hit the digital currency space and the financial world in general. Other members of the Matrix team are Kaidong Zhu, and an advisory team compromising of Wang Donglin, and Wu Gang.


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