Maxi-Therm New Patent (9,920,996) Product For Innovative Steam Water Heaters


A leading supplier of Steam Water Heater products has a new patent which provides a minimum of 4% energy saving. The new patent (9,920,996) is more environmentally friendly and provides a lower installation cost.

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Maxi-Therm, a manufacture of High-Efficiency Steam Solutions is pleased to announce their new patent (9,920,996) product for their Innovative Steam Water Heater. The new patent provides a lot of improvement which includes providing a 5% energy saving. This is the forth patent for Maxi-Therm and a fifth one is one his way.

The new innovative Steam Water Heater is gaining huge attention with its new technology that allows producing domestic hot water with a constant steam pressure and by keeping a constant condensate level in the heat exchanger at all load.

The model number is the VFFF series for Vertical Flooded Feed Forward.  The water heater includes a double wall flooding heat exchanger with a mechanical or electronic blending valve.  The Feed Forward already exists since 1969 and has multiple installations all over the world.  The new patent allows using the same technology with a flooding heat exchanger, generating energy savings.

Maxi-Therm New Patent (9,920,996) Product










Also, the VFFF series is a full instantaneous domestic hot water heater. It is the perfect solution to prevent legionella bacteria and for industrial application with drastic change of load like CIP in the food industry.  With factories, hospitals, and schools struggling for space, the new Vertical Steam Water Heater can be placed more conveniently in a smaller footprint.

A spokesman for Maxi-Therm said: “The other big benefit of using a feed forward system is that it’s a full instantaneous steam water heater, from 0 to the maximum load, the unit keeps +- 4F. Very easy installation, it is basically a Heat Exchanger, a blending valve and a condensate level controller, that is pretty much it!”

Maxi-Therm is a steam package manufacturer providing complete innovative steam solutions to reduce energy, maintenance, and installation costs.  Maxi-Therm also provides complete solutions for steam to electric power generation using a saturated steam engine, a steam quality controller, and other optimum systems for building heat and reheat application using high or low pressure steam with a vertical flooded heat exchanger through it’s sales representative network all across North America.










About Maxi-Therm

Maxi-Therm was founded in 2005 and is today a 75% owned Canadian and 25% owned American company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

All major components including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps, and accessories are manufactured in the United States.

Notes to the editor: The Maxi-Therm is keeping in STOCK multiple units for operating range between 30 and 120 usgpm. For more information, you can visit or call at 514-351-1001. You can subscribe to Maxi-Therm unique 1 ½ day steam training “Steam is more efficient than most people think”.

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