Media Protocol: Direct Economy For Content Exchange


Media Protocol: Direct Economy For Content Exchange

Media Protocol has created an ecosystem which is mainly aimed at leveraging the power of blockchain to bring greater transparency between the flow of value between users and the media.

Media Protocol is primarily a set of rules which would be governing the flow of value between the actors in the marketing and advertising industries. Their primary aim is to create an ecosystem which could leverage the power of blockchain. The idea is to create transparency when it comes to the flow of value between the media and the users. The open architecture will enable publishers to incentivize the consumption of content using MEDIA tokens.

Media Protocol

Media Protocol is one of the top platforms that has come up with an ecosystem which aims to leverage the power of block chains as to bring transparency to the value between the user and the media. The protocol has been designed to create a direct channel for publishers to promote content through balanced consumption incentives directly to consumers. It will also enable consumers to pay directly for gated content and to spend tokens rewarding favored content creators and publishers.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We wanted people to earn tokens while reading, watching and sharing content they love. The main aim behind designing media protocol is to turn content into smart URLs so that brands and publishers would reward you with tokens. This is a very revolutionary model, and we are hopeful that it will become the next big thing.”

The main purpose of the Media Protocol is to make the kind of revenue such that regular people can benefit from the economies which otherwise end up controlling the media and content which they access every day. This set of rules would change the way the media and advertising industry operates and it plans to do it one URL at a time.

Media Protocol aims at making the users part of the content revenue economy as publishers, and media creators would directly reward the users for consuming the content, liking, commenting, and even sharing it. This would also give users the incentive to actually make good use of the best kind of content out there. The platform aims to create a multi-directional economy, where publishers, creators, and content consumers can directly exchange content, data, and all kinds of incentives, including financial incentives.

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