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Medical professionals are losing customers due to their negative online profile. MD Reviews R US is helping medical professionals to generate new customers and increase their profile by managing their online profile and reputation.

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With 74.5 percent of the population in the USA using the Internet and 79 percent of those searching for products and services, it’s important for medical professionals to have a strong positive online profile. However, having the time to increase that profile and deal with reviews can be time-consuming, and that is why medical professionals turn to MD Reviews R US.

MD Reviews R US is a company that helps medical professionals to increase their brand and deal with reviews. The company has become so successful they have become one of the major online management companies in the USA, but what do they do and why should a medical professional use their service?

The online reputation management company deals with medical professionals online reviews. They promote their clients by putting their business on popular review sites which attract millions of visitors per day. As well as putting the medical professionals on the review sites they also handle all the reviews being posted. If a bad review is posted, the company deals with that bad review and makes sure it is not a false review which could damage the medical professional reputation. This service is important as it provides the medical professional with online promotion and brand management, which generates new clients and revenue.

Having positive reviews online is important, but understand how to get patients to write google reviews can be complicated and time-consuming. Doctors don’t have the time to ask for patient reviews,  and they don’t have time to deal with negative reviews, that is why it is important to have MD Reviews R US on their side.

According to a recent report, 84 percent of patients use online review site to determine which medical professional best suits their needs. If a medical professional in their local area is not listed, then they will look for a medical professional who does have a profile. If the medical professional has negative reviews then this will generate lack of trust and therefore they will go to someone who has positive reviews.

Medical professionals are losing potential clients each day due to false reviews being posted and that is why it is important to have a professional online reputation management company deal with all reviews. MD Reviews R US help their clients portray a positive image online, increasing their brand awareness and tackling any negative publicity.

A spokesman for MD Reviews R US explained: “We offer a complete 100% HIPAA Compliance  done for you reputation Marketing. We will dispute and resolve negative reviews. We will ensure the overall patient experience is being managed. Our clients will be found on 60 sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp and top medical directories and other third-party apps maps and social networks.”

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