Arex Motors Announces January 2018 IndieGoGo Launch With $300 Discount

 Klaipėda, Lithuania – December 1st, 2017 – While Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars steal all the limelight, the electric vehicle market is booming elsewhere, particularly for electronic skateboards. One new company, Arex Motors, is set to launch its new electric skateboard, the RAVEN 1, on IndieGoGo in January 2018 to the excitement of skateboarders the world over.

The Raven 1 will come in two models: SINGLE (with one motor, starting at $599) and DUAL (two motors, starting at $749). The company has confirmed that only those who purchase through IndieGoGo will be getting the RAVEN 1 at this price, which represents a $300 discount on retail prices post-campaign.

“There is a huge demand for electric skateboards out there – but those on the market currently are simply too expensive. We wanted to create an e-board that offered the best quality and performance, while also being the most affordable,” said Mindaugas Liulys, CEO of Arex Motors (

“After a year of prototyping and testing, the RAVEN 1 is ready. We are launching on IndieGoGo to build awareness and kickstart our company to scale as fast as possible, so we can get both models of the RAVEN 1 out to customers in Europe and worldwide.”

The batteries used in the lightweight 13LB (6KG) skateboard are airline-approved, and offer a range up to 8 miles (13KM) at as much as 23MPH (37KMH) per 90-minute charge, while the integrated front and rear lights mean skaters can ride even at night. An additional feature of the electric motor is that skaters can now power uphill on inclines up to 30%.

Made in Europe, the RAVEN 1 is designed using the best quality materials with fine craftmanship – buyers in EU countries will also not have any additional taxes or fees to pay upon purchase.

For more information about Arex Motors’ electric transportation products and general philosophy, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Mindaugas Liulys at +370 604 36493 or email at


About Arex Motors

Founded in 2016, Arex Motors has one simple mission: to spread and popularize the usage of electric vehicles and other forms of electric transportation worldwide by manufacturing them at a high quality with affordable prices. For more information, please visit Arex Motors’ website.