Melbourne Rental Property Inspection Service Launched To Help People Find Their Ideal Home

The personal property inspection service aims to make it easier for people to inspect and move to a new rental property in Melbourne. Melbourne has the fastest growing rate of population in Australia making it one of the most difficult cities to find a rental property in. The service has been launched by James Bentley and is already helping people secure their new rental property.

A new Melbourne property inspection service has been launched to help those people who are unable or too busy to view a property when looking to rent. The new service which has been launched by James Bentley is set to change the Australian property market forever.

Melbourne Rental Property Inspection Service

Imagine finding an ideal property to rent but being unable to attend due to work or family commitments. Or imagine seeing a property on the other side of the city that could be a great new home but is just impossible to get to the viewing in time. Well, now thanks to the new Melbourne rental property inspection service Propzee, not being able to attend a viewing is a thing of the past.

Propzee provides a unique and easy to use rental property inspection service that helps those who are unable to attend a viewing get the property they want.

The service is the first of its kind in Melbourne. It was launched by James Bentley after becoming frustrated with how difficult it was securing a new rental property when he returned back from London in 2015. Experiencing first-hand the frustration of clashing and limited inspection times, along with inadequate adverts giving little detail and too few photos

The service provides an expert who will attend the viewing and provides a detailed written report, along with photos of each room, something that’s sadly missing from most property adverts.

Melbourne Rental Property Inspection Service

To use the service is simple. First, visit, enter the address of the property you’ve found, select one of the available viewing times, as advertised by the agents and then make payment for the service. Then within 8 hours of the inspection you will be emailed the report, so if the property fits your requirements you can submit an application for the rental and not worry about missing out on your dream property.

Melbourne has in recent years seen a boom in the rental property market with more people wishing to move to the state of Victoria. However, with such a boom comes a huge problem.

The demand for rental properties in Melbourne outweighs the supply which means finding an affordable and suitable property can be difficult and frustrating. Once a new rental property comes on the market it’s important to arrange a viewing as soon as possible and that is where the problem starts.

Landlords and property management companies are looking to fill a vacant property as soon as possible, which means they want to arrange a viewing in the shortest time-period possible. Not everyone can take time off work or re-arrange personal commitments on a weekend to view a property which is where Propzee comes in.

James Bentley the founder of Propzee explained: “I was frustrated with the rental process and wanted to make the whole process easier. One of my main issues was the inspections, most adverts lacked detail and photos and most viewings at the weekends occurred around the same times meaning I could not be in 2 or 3 places at once. By offering a cost-effective solution to inspect properties and having a detailed report emailed out within 8 hours of the viewing, it means someone can really see what the property is like and if it fits your needs put in an application. Our service allows a person who is looking to rent in Melbourne to have a professional act on their behalf and provide a detailed comprehensive report.”

To learn more about Propzee and how the service can help those looking for a new rental property, please visit

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Propzee (Melbourne Rental Inspection Experts) is a game changer, the first of its kind – A rental property inspection service for anyone and everyone.

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