Merch Designer Launches Exclusive Limited Clothing Line - Cold Cuts Ltd


The not-so-underground indie/hardcore music scene has a fashion sense of its own. Style’s and basic looks have already crossed into mainstream national retail stores and are considered a go-to look for people in and outside the music scene.

One of the major players in creating merchandise for many of the successful current bands, Cold Cuts Merch (Cold Cuts Prints), have recently launched a brand new clothing line of their own — Cold Cuts Ltd.

The designers have been creating and designing clothing since the start of their operation over 10 years ago. The move to create their own brand and apparel makes the most sense, as it only comes natural for them.

The brand itself looks to expound upon the culture they know best. Living loud, facing opposition and going against the grain. It’s those key factors that go into creating the apparel as a whole.

Located just outside of Philadelphia, the company has already started taking orders for 2018. You can order directly for yourself using their site Cold Cuts Ltd. and for retail inquiries their contact information is listed below.

For more information, please visit you can kindly send a mail @ info@coldcutsprints.comor .