“Mi AMOR es UNO” Seeks Iberian Jews Worldwide in its Latest Digital Release in Spanish


Rochester, New York – FOR IMMEDIATE REALEASE – SoRichIam Media and One Crownz Publishing have just released their Messianic trumpet call book My Love is One (What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change & The Second Coming) in digital ebook format for Spanish (Mi Amor es Uno) speaking communities worldwide. The independent publishers say it is a call for the “B’Nei Anusim” which means the “coerced-ones” in Hebrew. They are part of the lost tribes of Israel; Jews forced to convert to Christianity to avoid persecution during the Spanish Inquisition. However, Mi Amor es Uno is calling them and the entire Jewish diaspora.

The B’Nei Anusim is known today as “crypto-Jews” which also refers to Marranos.  Marranos (also known as Sephardic Jews) are mainly Jews from the Iberian Peninsula. It’s a call to the lost tribes of Israel in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, North, South and Central America.

Some Jews covertly practiced their faith during the Spanish Inquisition. Others Spanish Jews escaped to places such as North America, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands on the Mayflower with Christopher Columbus who was also a Jew.

Author, LeTicia Lee, says it is a time for the return of the Messiah with whom she says she had several divine encounters which she shares in her latest book, Mi Amor es Uno. She says he is not a myth. He is very real. LeTicia also says most people are surprised when they learn who he really is. She says Jews will be very gratified. Their prayers and faith were not in vain.

The Messiah first seeks all those with Jewish roots. However, many of the Hebrew diaspora are not even aware of their Jewish heritage. The author herself would be considered a Gentile. She says she was a non-denominational Christian when the LORD spoke to her. She says the discussion was not immediate. The correspondence was gradual, but increased over time as she delved more into the Old Testament. The Messiah eventually appeared and revealed secrets that have been concealed since the Garden of Eden.

Ms. Lee says the content in Mi Amor es Uno picks up where Moses left off on Mount Sinai. You may recall the story in the Book of Exodus. The LORD grew frustrated with the disobedience of the doubting Israelites when they would not obey the LORD’s commandments.

However, the promise the LORD made to Abraham and Moses to restore the Jews to their promised land is now being fulfilled. While that may not seem like anything new, how the LORD is fulfilling that promise will be a surprise to many.

The author says Mi Amor es Uno is a definitive call for clarity. It is the end of a period of darkness. The lost tribes of Israel (or lost Jews) include many groups who were co-erced into becoming Christians or Catholics or would be expelled from their countries or even worse, crucified.  That also includes Jews from Eastern India, Africa, and Asia.

LeTicia Lee claims Mi Amor es Uno is not just for Jews. It’s for anyone who wants to learn about the history of all humanity on planet earth. 

Ironically, it is actually not a book about religion at all. It’s a story about love, family and relationships. It’s for anyone who seeks the truth. We promise. Readers will not be disappointed.

Mi Amor es Uno: (Lo que Aprendí del Mesías Sobre del Amor,Familia, Cambio Climático y La Segunda Venida – Edición Revisada) can be found in digital format at Barnes & Noble (Nook), Amazon (Kindle), and Apple iTunes. Find all of Mi Amor es Uno eBook distribution outlets as they become available in your region at Books2Read.com/MiAmorEsUno.