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Millennials Seeking Career & Life Success Discover Your #1 Brand is YOU! Available Now at Barnes & Noble NOOK and Apple iTunes in Digital Format

Rochester, New York – April 7, 2018 – SoRichIam Media and One Crownz Publishing have just released their millennial career and life success book, Your #1 Brand is YOU! (How to Make Yourself Irresistibly Employable for Life) in digital ebook format on Barnes & Noble’s digital distribution site, NOOK and Apple iTunes in time for spring graduations. The Upstate New York based indie publishers say career requirements are changing almost daily due to rapid advances in technology. Many students are finding their course information is outdated by the time they graduate. Therefore, millennials must be able to identify their personal gifts and talents early.  What can they bring to the table that makes them stand out from the rest?

“Personal brand identity is something they will need for life especially as it continues to evolve”, says Your #1 Brand is YOU! author LeTicia Lee. “And it should evolve,” says Lee. “Life isn’t stagnant, and neither should they be so. A constant moving target requires flexibility and creativity.”

The author recommends new grads be patient but persistent as they prepare for their own definition of success. That means not comparing their goals to others, including their parents.

The independent publishers say unpredictable millennials are more likely to use YouTube, consult with peers on social media, and join international virtual worship groups to seek inspiration and career guidance for life success than traditional means of the past.  While life coaches, TED Talks and mentors provide generic formulas that worked for their parents and numerous others before them, millennials don’t necessarily share their parents’ definition of success today.  

Millennials are not defined by their surroundings. They are creating the future.

This is a generation raised with access to technology at the press of a button. They often have the answer before the question is even answered whether or not they know it.

Many millennials are now discovering they are the solution to the problem they must personally overcome and the world needs. That makes them the perfect candidates to create their own startups. New technologies often make it possible and even affordable to do so. However, new innovations, social, and personal issues do not always have the best solutions in Google Search.

A website, mentor or life coach can certainly add useful tools on how to navigate one’s way through corporate or entrepreneurial cultures. But a pastor or rabbi can provide important valuable emotional skills to help respond to the constant changing employment and startup business landscape. 

Baby boomers who can’t find employment later in life need this information too. Prayer and intuition for long term fulfillment is the ultimate caveat in the New Millennial’s Playbook that often helps them to successfully navigate through un-chartered terrain.

Giving millennials more digital accessibility options just speaks their language say the independent publishers. They need information fast, and Your #1 Brand is YOU! delivers.

Your #1 Brand is YOU! (How to Make Yourself Irresistibly Employable for Life) can be found online at Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and Apple iTunes.  Additional options can be found on their universal link,


Media Contact
Company Name: SoRichIam Media & One Crownz Publishing
Contact Person: Miriam Abrams
Address: P.O. Box 20711
City: Rochester
State: New York
Country: United States


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