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Mindful is the New Skinny, a New Book by Jodi Baretz, Becomes Bestseller

Westchester Psychotherapist Helps End Love-Hate Relationship with Food

Westchester Psychotherapist Helps End Love-Hate Relationship with Food








Author Jodi Baretz writes with authenticity about the struggles that have touched her, and her patients, when it comes to the topics of mindfulness and nutrition in her new book Mindful is the New Skinny- 10 Transformational Steps to a Lighter You Inside and Out. The book reached bestseller status shortly after its release.

Diagnosed with the auto-immune disorder Celiac Disease in her mid-thirties, Jodi, a psychotherapist, experienced an awakening. She learned there were biological answers to her health concerns, but also there was a new awareness of her body and what it could and could not tolerate. Mindfulness might have come from necessity, but it opened the door to a new level of consciousness that Jodi would incorporate into every aspect of her life.

While Baretz studied nutrition, it wasn’t until she started perusing spirituality and mindfulness that she saw incredible changes. In Mindful Is the New Skinny, Baretz outlines 10 transformational steps to help the reader create an awareness of their thoughts, feelings and experiences using simple explanations, case studies, experiments and interactive meditations. She brings this realization to audiences in a clear and relatable manner. Jodi, who runs her practice from The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, New York and speaks to women about the benefits of mindfulness. It is her personal journey, as well as her work with clients, that inspired Jodi to write Mindful is the New Skinny.


“When I started developing compassion for myself and those around me, I became less uptight, stressed and anxious. I stopped beating myself up and became more forgiving. I realized I am not in control of so many things in life and that lifted a huge burden off me – it was freeing.” Baretz continues, “As I looked at my problems from a new perspective and saw these incredible results, I knew I had to write this book and share what I learned.” 

The author adds, “I created this book for people who were like me, who wouldn’t necessarily come to mindfulness and meditation, but through their struggle with food, they can come to see the benefits in their lives,” she adds, “I present basic concepts, in what I hope, is a fun and accessible manner to give you practical tools you can apply to your everyday challenges.”

The book, published by Kenco Press, is available on Amazon in Kindle [eBook] format for $4.99: The print version will be available later this month.

Jodi Baretz, LCSW, CHHC is a psychotherapist and holistic health coach in private practice at the Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco, New York. She contributes regularly to Westchester Magazine, Inside Chappaqua and Armonk Magazines, The Mindfulness App and other media outlets. Jodi has two sons and lives with her husband and dog Lola in Westchester County, NY. Jodi has more than two decades of experience providing clinical services and psychotherapy, as well as career and nutritional counseling. 

To learn more about Jodi’s programs and coaching, visit

Follow her at Mindful Is the New Skinny with Jodi Baretz, on FB and Instagram, and join her FB group @ Mindful Moms.

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