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Mohammad Ali Riasatii is creating a huge impact in the financial markets

The educational services that he offers around the financial market has helped many spruce up their game to a great extent.

With the global economy becoming increasingly volatile and stock market swings becoming more frequent, it is essential for investors to stay ahead of the game. Financial market advisors are the perfect solution for those who want to gain an edge in their investment strategies. These professionals provide invaluable guidance to investors on how best to navigate the complex financial landscape. They use their expertise and knowledge to help investors make sound decisions and maximize their returns. Here’s where Mohammad Ali Riasatii, who heads Oxy Capitals, comes into the picture, as he is well versed in different types of investment instruments and is also familiar with the most current financial trends and can provide advice on how to take advantage of them.

“Financial market experts have the ability to analyze financial data and interpret it accurately, allowing investors to gain an edge over other investors. With the help of such experts, investors can be sure that their investments are in good hands,” says Ali, who has been around the financial sector since 2010, having rich experience in trading and banking as well. After gaining expertise around this space, he has been focussing more on training people, spreading his knowledge about the financial markets, which has helped many excel and elevate their standing. Till date, he has trained and mentored more than 500 students globally and his team is managing more than £54 million for a private equity firm.

He also heads Oxy Capitals, which provides education in trading and financial markets. There are various courses and programs that focus on subjects like market analysis, risk management, trading strategies, and much more which has helped many. He knows that the financial market is tricky and can be intimidating for some, so he is always patient and encouraging, as he strongly believes that anyone can learn how to trade and invest, they just need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn it.


Oxy Capitals has now grown to 51 traders worldwide and operates in Dubai, Turkey, and London, who are now working towards building a robot to build more confidence in traders and beginners. He is the owner of one of the only registered and regulated hedge funds in the world, developing AI and Expert Advisors.

Ali’s next goal is to develop his company to a multi-billion investment and trading hedge fund and build AI and grow in tech so that he can hopefully make the EAs for managing over $100M.

Not just that, he is determined to build the best forex education company and the best AI for bankers with great credibility in the upcoming years.

To learn more follow Mohammad Ali Riasatii on instagram @ali_riasatii

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