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The Money Pouch: A New Low Fee Roboadviser for International Employees

Hudson James Investment Management launches The Money Pouch, a roboadviser for automated trading of ETF’s for today’s international travellers and global employees.

Modern international employees can often work in many different countries and require a flexible and fully portable investment service. The Money Pouch helps to solve this problem with its automated ETF service.

What makes this roboadviser different is that it can choose from a wider range of ETF’s than most roboadvisors. The majority of the major investment houses are stuck to investing invest only in their own range of ETF funds ranges. The Money Pouch may invest in any ETF offered by any fund house listed on a major stock exchange, allowing it freedom of choice and independence. This gives it a distinct advantage in not being tied down to investing in its own products, making it more independent in its investment selection.

Hudson James Investment Management employs a team which has already built over 400 automated trading systems for some of the largest financial institutions around the world.

The Money Pouch uses a computer algorithm which eliminates emotion from the investment process. The computer program ranks ETF’s based on a number of technical indicators and then selects the best ETF’s to hold for the subsequent month. In this way it reduces risk and improves returns for clients. These actively rebalanced ETF strategies seek to make positive returns in rising, falling and range-bound markets

The Money Pouch also using uses soft leverage to target higher returns than most roboadvisers. Despite the fact, the site is a start-up and therefore just launching, the company has been testing its strategies live for the last 9 months with its own cash before rolling them out to clients. All three strategies: the conservative, balanced and adventurous strategies have each had consecutive positive months for the last nine months. In fact the Money Pouch’s three ETF strategies have all beaten the 60% equity 40% bond mix of a typical ETF retirement portfolio since launch.

The back-tested ETF solutions and the live results from the last nine months can be seen on the website. All three strategies have the ability to hold equities, gold or treasury ETF’s. The proportions invested in each asset class will vary depending on the results produced by the algorithms. The strategies can also allow for a move into cash in the event of a prolonged market downturn.

The Money Pouch specialises in actively managed ETF strategies. Hudson James is the asset manager for the Money Pouch and holds Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s). These segregated accounts offer the individual investor complete transparency, flexibility and protection. Clients’ assets are ring-fenced and protected by a deposit insurance scheme. The minimum investment is only $10,000 which lowers the entry barriers and gives access to a wider, global audience of investors.

The Money Pouch team has also tested the 2000 dot-com crash and the 2008 global financial crisis to improve security and returns of each strategy. Fees are competitive at 0.04% per month. For larger accounts in excess of $250,000, there is no monthly fee at all.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “We are trying to make investing a more simple, affordable and profitable process for the international employee”.

To find out more about The Money Pouch investment strategies please visit  

Please visit here to see a list of supported countries:  

About: The Money Pouch

Hudson James Investment Management use Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) to look after clients’ monies via website. Most managed accounts require an initial investment of over $1,000,000, whereas you can open The Money Pouch account with only $10,000. Accounts are protected by deposit insurance for up to $500,000 with the Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) with an additional $30m provided by Lloyds of London.  

Hudson James Investment Management

Wickhams Cay 1, Mill Mall Tower, Road Town, Tortola, BVI 4406

Tel: +1 284 494 8945

Media Contact: Richard Malpass

AvailableI Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm  



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