MOOND Groin Support, Sciatica Relief Wrap Debuts on Amazon


APRIL 24, 2018 – The team at MOOND has just announced the official debut of their groin support and sciatic relief wrap on Amazon.

The groundbreaking new pain relief brace and thigh sleeve is made for use by women and men alike and is especially beneficial for those who’ve had a hamstring or hip injury in the past. With instant compression, the MOOND groin support and sciatic relief wrap soothes pain without limiting mobility.

Designed for durability, the MOOND wrap is backed by an exclusive 180 day guarantee.

So far, the wrap has received positive feedback from early customers. “I have a bad hip and this is perfect,” said one recent customer. “Doubles as a hamstring compression as well. Found more use for my low back and hip than my groin but it depends on what type of support you need. This item does everything and is great quality. Cannot recommend enough.”

Those in medical recovery are invited to learn about the new wrap, and customers are asked to leave their reviews to help others make purchasing decisions. Details can be found at and


MOOND offers products designed to support the groin area and reduce sciatic pain.