Music and Claymation Become One


Colorado, USA, March 18, 2016 – SMiley, a talented, skilled and creative artist that is dedicated towards creating music with new and different rhythms, is excited to announce the release of his new collaborative video, which presently enjoying loads of buzz and raves both online and offline.

Entitled and dubbed as ‘Zombie Groove,’ the song of this fresh and exciting video can be found on his album – Couch on the Floor. The wonderful video was a joint and collaborative effort of Smiley and a versatile Claymation artist known as Martyna Koleniec.

Speaking about the hit song, Smiley commented thus; “I am absolutely delighted about the release of this new video. I have been waiting a long time to find an artist that could bring this song to life, until I eventually found this amazing individual.”

“Zombie Groove is a wonderful Claymation video made by Martyna Koleniec off my album -Couch on the Floor. It was wonderful working with Martyna Koleniec, and I am glad I found her. The video is finally out, and I know all my fans and music lovers out there would be excited by it” he concluded.

The video can be seen on the following link –

Renowned as a complete composer for every genre, Smiley is also pleased to announce that his new album which is captioned ‘Intergalatic Environment’ is coming out in April. Just like other previous tracks, it promises to be an instant hit – transporting listeners to new places and dimensions just by listening to it.

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About SMiley

“A drummer himself, his electronic and ambient tunes are taking music to a new level as he creates tunes that are their own plane of existence. A master of the short form tune, he will take you to other worlds and dimensions with his music.”

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