Music Business: Tennessee Tag Team Throw Hats in Ring


Nashville, TN – Longtime radio personality and Tennessee native Candle Kincade has teamed up with music industry veteran Michael Cliffton to form Endswell Entertainment, LLC. The Nashville based company will provide music management and artist development along with a slough of other services for up-and-coming artists in Tennessee and beyond. With over 30 years combined industry experience the duo hope to offer something to artists across various genres and at every point in their career.

“I got my first radio job at 19”, said Kincade, “I have 13 years of on air radio experience now with a few major detours in life, one being the office manager at a booking agency. I also worked as a makeup artist and photographer’s assistant for artist, did a quick stint in road management, which gave me the greatest appreciation for how hard it truly is to be ‘on the road’. I do not pretend to know everything about the music business, but even when I’ve run away it came back to find me again and again. So, I decided to dive IN.”

Asked about the company moniker Cliffton had this to say, “All’s Well that Ends Well was originally a play by Bill Shakespeare, and we all know the saying which I think is important to keep in mind when navigating the dynamic ups and downs of the music industry. While researching the availability of Endswell for our company I learned it’s also the name of a tool cutmen use in boxing to tend a fighter’s bruises. The imagery of being in a fighter’s corner seemed like an apt metaphor for how we plan to help artist in the often brutal music business.”

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