Natural crib mattress has no harsh chemicals


A natural crib mattress offers babies a great night’s sleep without the harsh chemicals found in many lower quality mattresses

Natural crib mattress has no harsh chemicals

Good Night Naturals only sells all-natural mattresses and bedding accessories, including a line of baby and toddler mattresses.

The state of California has flame retardant requirements for mattresses that apply to crib mattresses as well. Many manufacturers meet this requirement by treating the material with chemicals.

“Do you really want your baby breathing in these chemicals?” asked Paul Hirschberger, owner of Good Night Naturals in LA. “Of course not. You do not have to use those mattresses. You can get an all-natural mattress so you and your baby will sleep better every night.”

While some of the worst chemicals are now banned from baby and toddler mattresses, the replacement chemicals may be just as bad.

Babies and toddlers can spend 10 to 14 hours a day asleep and sometimes playing in a crib. This makes a mattress an incredibly important part of a child’s first few years of life.

“Our crib mattresses come from certified manufacturers who have done extensive testing and reviewed research by other companies. They have a commitment to quality and safety,” Hirschberger said.

All natural crib mattresses use natural latex, cotton and wool. The latex comes from the rubber tree which is planted specifically for latex harvest. When the trees no longer produce, they are harvested for lumber and new trees planted in their place.

“We get a lot of calls about the Dream Vegan innerspring crib mattress,” Hirschberger said. “People are attracted to the word ‘vegan’ which means no animal products are used. This mattress is only sold to people who have a doctor’s prescription saying their baby mush have this mattress.”

Most people don’t fully understand the wool used in the mattresses is natural, sustainable and has to be harvested from the sheep anyway.

“It is just like getting a haircut. The sheep are not harmed. Further, they must have the wool cut off once a year. If they are not shorn, the will grows thick and matted and cause health problems for the sheep,” he said.

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