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NBNZ Launches AI-Powered Solution to Detect Cognitive Impairment in Early Stages of Multiple Sclerosis

NBNZ CAD Ltd, a leading healthcare technology company, has announced the launch of its AI-powered solution designed to detect cognitive impairment at the early stages of multiple sclerosis (MS). With over 2.8 million people worldwide diagnosed with MS, this solution by NBNZ CAD Ltd is a game-changer in the management of MS therapeutic strategies.


The solution is an AI-based software that detects cognitive impairment through analysis of the data gathered in a task-based functional MRI (fMRI). The software examines changes in the brain’s connectivity topologies induced by specific auditory and visual task performance which requires attention, working memory, and processing information speed.


“Our AI-powered solution is designed to detect brain’s connectivity changes associated with cognitive tasks in result of MS,” said a spokesperson for NBNZ CAD Ltd. “As a result, cognitive impairment can be detected at the very early stages of the disease which will lead to more effective management of the symptoms.”

NBNZ’s AI-powered solution can be offered either in a stand-alone format or in a modular/plugin format which can be added to an existing platform or MRI firmware.


In addition to detecting cognitive impairment, the software also aims to provide more assistance for MS patients and their family members. Along with this software, comes a side application (Mobile App) which is designed for MS patients who will go through the tests and also it is useful for all those who suffer from cognitive impairments for any reason or have high chances of developing cognitive dysfunction in the near future.

Besides introducing the main software of NBNZ CAD Ltd to patients, this side app contains a list of the health centers offering NBNZ tests along with their contact details and provides information about test sessions, test procedure and the tasks which will be performed during the tests. However, the main feature of this side App is helpful games with simple graphics and logics but therapeutic purposes.

This side app also aims to add some features in order to provide more assistance for MS patients and their family members. Such as an online forum where patients and their families can empathize about their diseases, discuss working solutions and read more about the latest advancements in disease treatment methods and therapies. It will also include a network of professional neurologists and psychologists who will provide consultancy services to users both online and offline.



“We are excited about our future release plans,” said the spokesperson. “We have big goals for the future, with this central core: maintaining and improving the quality of life for MS patients.”


About NBNZ CAD Ltd:

NBNZ CAD Ltd is a healthcare technology company that specializes in developing AI-powered solutions for the early detection and treatment of MS disease. The company’s mission is to improve the lives of patients by providing innovative and effective healthcare solutions.

Media Contact:


AI-powered healthcare technology company

+98 912 175 4696

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