New Amazon Comparison Tool Helping Consumers Save Money On Shopping – SmartPurch


New Amazon Comparison Tool Helping Consumers Save Money On Shopping - SmartPurch

The SmartPurch Chrome Browser Extension has been described as one of the best money saving tools on the market. This new tool allows people to shop with confidence and enables them to know they are purchasing a product at the best possible price.

There are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon worldwide with more than 178 billion U.S. dollars net sales in 2017. However, not everyone is getting a good deal. Each day tens of thousands of people are purchasing products on Amazon that are cheaper on other platforms but now that stops thanks to a clever Chrome add-on called SmartPurch.

The powerful SmartPurch browser extension works on product pages and automatically compares the prices of products to check if they are available cheaper elsewhere. It is an extension that once used people will wonder how on earth they managed without it.

With the reputation of Amazon, and with the tens of millions spent each year promoting the platform as the place to buy products at their lowest prices, Amazon customers are led to believe they will always get a great deal. However, that is not always true. SmartPurch will either confirm the prices on Amazon are the cheapest or will direct the shopper to other platforms that provide a cheaper price. With SmartPurch, consumers can be rest assured they are able to buy a product they want to purchase at the best possible price available. Which means, no more false advertising, no more believing a product is cheaper on Amazon due to clever marketing, and no more regretting making a purchase when finding it cheaper days later on another platform.

A spokesman for SmartPurch said: “Everyone thinks Amazon prices are the cheapest but that is not always the case. With our Chrome Browser Extension, you can check if the product you are looking at is available at the best possible price on Amazon or if it is available for a better price elsewhere.”

Although the Chrome Browser Extension is new, it is already saving people money when shopping online and is quickly being described as one of the most important Chrome browser add-ons available.

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SmartPurch allows consumers to shop with confidence and enables them to check if the product they are interested in is available cheaper on another platform. If it is cheaper on another platform they can quickly make their purchase within seconds.

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