A New Bitcoin Crowdfunding Platform Has Been Launched – Bitfundify


This new platform allows people to set up personal bitcoin funds for weddings, special events, educational pursuits, or charitable causes.

Over the last few years Bitcoin has gained tremendous exposure around the world as an alternative currency and store of wealth. As bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, it is becoming the currency of choice for fundraising and gift giving.  Bitfundify was launched to meet the demands of this changing global economy. This powerful platform provides an avenue for people to set up wedding registries or personal funds to raise money for special events, educational goals, or charitable causes.

Bitfundify is similar to other crowdfunding platforms, except it is targeted towards the Bitcoin community. Anyone can use the platform and easily set up a bitcoin fund within a few minutes. It is free to sign up and create a personal page that hosts your fund.


Bitfundify operates as a peer-to-peer service and does not charge any setup fees. All donated funds go directly to the user’s personal Bitcoin wallet, helping them to achieve their goal. The user can also easily view and track their donations and receive notifications of gift pledges.

A spokesman for Bitfundify said: “Our new platform allows people to raise money for any special occasion or important event. People can also use our Bitcoin crowdfunding platform to raise money for charities, educational causes, or other personal fundraising goals.”

There are more than 27 million Bitcoin users around the world, which means this platform is the perfect place to seek funding. To help increase the exposure of their campaigns, users are encouraged to share their fund page on social media platforms to generate increased interest.

To learn more about Bitfundify and to see how easy it is to create a fund, please visit http://www.bitfundify.com/

About Bitfundify

Bitfundify is a bitcoin fundraising service for all special events and charitable causes. It is a platform where people can set up their personal Bitcoin wedding registry or raise money for a milestone or charity event. It is easy and free to set up an account and all funds are transferred directly to the user’s personal Bitcoin wallet.

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