New Board Game Keys to the Capitals Aims to Brings Families Together

A new exciting board game has been credited as a positive step in bringing families together for fun. The board game also aims to help people learn the names of all the states in the USA.


1.2 billion people, around 44 percent of the world population play computer games according to official reports. Many parents complain they don’t get enough quality family time with their children who are watching TV or playing the latest computer game in their bedroom. Board game inventor Tony Tinervia, Jr. wants to change all that with his new board game, called Keys To The Capitals.

Keys To The Capitals is not just a fun game to bring the whole family together; it’s also a great teaching aid helping adults and children to learn the names of the states in the USA. According to a recent report, just over 50% of people can name all of the states in the USA showing how important Keys To The Capitals is.

Tony Tinervia Jr. knows how important family life is and he also knows how important education is for young children, so he decided to combine the two together and launch his new board game, which has been described as one of the most exciting board games in recent years.

Keys To The Capitals, which is available for pre-release at $22.99 (normal price $34.99), is easy but yet fun to play. The object of the game is to collect the most key cards. Each player will start with their home state capital, and they then draw an additional card at the start of their first turn. This Key Card (or any other active Key Card that the player may have) becomes the player’s destination. This Key Card should only be seen by the card’s owner and may remain face down.

At the start of each turn, the player rolls two special effect dice and two numbered dice. If the player rolls matching special effect icons, the special effect takes place immediately. The player then moves their game token equal to the number of spaces they rolled.

Once the player’s game token reaches the destination on their Key Card, the player secures that Key Card and the Key Card cannot be stolen. The player immediately draws another Key Card. In the event of a tie, the player with the Key to their home state capital wins.

Tony Tinervia Jr. said: “I have tested the game out with lots of different families, and everyone agreed how much fun it was. One of the main comments was how it brought the family together for quality fun time.”

Many gaming experts have predicted the game could be one of the big sellers of 2016, and with the pre-order price available with a discount, people can get their Keys To The State game at the special price.

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About Tony Tinervia Jr.
Retired in 2010 to care full-time for my parents, my father had Alzheimer’s 2001-2012, and I went part time in 2001. I have learned I do have Asperger Syndrome and I am high functioning, and people with this form of autism can be creative and invent new products. Not too much professional career due to the autism. I enjoyed my graveyard shifts of being hotel night auditor and get less public contact. Mostly service providing jobs from 1979-2010. I enjoy caring for my mother full time at her age of 89. My goal is to keep her well like her brother who is 93 and lives near the capital of Ohio. She has enjoyed playing prototype so much.