New Book Asks Does God have anything to do with man’s happiness


New Book Asks Does God have anything to do with man’s happiness

A new religious book looks at happiness within us and how God’s involvement can help people become happier and more positive. Happiness Is, can and will change lives.

A new book launched on Amazon in the Worship and Devotion section looks at happiness within us and how God’s involvement can lead us to a more positive future and surround us with a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. The book titled Happiness Is was written by Dennis Coates, the author of Walk with Me and it could change people’s lives.

Each year tens of millions of people ask themselves how they can become a happier person and be more fulfilled in life. Most of those people are not religious and are not lucky enough to have God in their life. The new book by Dennis Coates helps to make people understand the secret to happiness and reveals how God’s involvement can provide people with what they are looking for.

Dennis Coates asks a lot of important questions in his new book, questions that many people have been asking themselves in the hope to find the secret to happiness. Those questions include:

“Happiness. What is it? Why is it so central to man’s being? Why is its pursuit central to man’s activity on earth? Does God have anything to say about happiness? Does God have anything to do with man’s happiness? Can we bring about our own happiness? Can we destroy our own happiness? Would anyone deliberately set out to be unhappy? Would unhappiness ever be our goal in life?”

For those people looking to fulfill their life and learn the secrets of happiness, this book is for them. The author aims to change lives and answer people’s questions, and introduce how believing in God, and having God in their heart can fulfill them.

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About Dennis Coates

Dennis Coates attended Catholic and public schools became an accountant and ultimately a corporate controller in a thirty-seven-year business career.

As long as he could remember he believed. At nine he became an altar server and recalls vividly serving early morning masses. This was the time Dennis was genuinely and permanently evangelized.

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