A New Book About The Beatles Causes Excitement With Diehard Beatles Fans

Walkin' Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads
The new Beatles book is called Walkin’ Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads. It was written by Jackie Lane and is set to take fans of the Beatles on a remarkable journey. This is one of the most exciting books of 2018.

A new book about one of the biggest bands on the planet has been released today. Walkin’ Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads, which has caused huge excitement with music fans and is a book like no other. It looks at the rise, fame, fortune, and the worship of The Beatles, taking Beatles fans on a journey that will answer questions that have been going around in people’s minds for years.

Walkin' Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads

Since the Beatles were formed in 1957 there have been many rumors circulating, which includes is Paul McCartney the real Paul McCartney? Many people believe there is a supernatural story behind the Fab Four, and now, thanks to Jackie Lane and her new book Walkin’ Blues – Beatles At The Crossroads, fans of the Beatles are about to find out.

Philip Norman the Beatles biographer called the Beatles story a supernatural story. He is not the only one. Some people have claimed that a greater force was involved in the Beatles, but is it true?

The author of Walkin’ Blues – Beatles At The Crossroads first looks at the question everybody wants the answer to. Beatles fans ultimately want to know was McCartney replaced at the height of his fame, and if so, who is the person now living like a King.


When questioned about the book, Jackie Lane said: “I begin with McCartney being replaced on 4 July 1965 by a walk-in and everything dramatically changed after this date music, politics, race relations etc.” The book shows that John Lennon was the instigator of the McCartney change and that the legendary partnership was the pairing of two mythical archetypes.

Some people may think this is a bit far-fetched, but, is it really. If fans go back in history and look at that date, and then look at the strange things that started to happen and how the world and the Beatles music changed in a major way, then those that may think it is far-fetched may start to understand it could be true.

The author continues, “I tie in the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson and his deal at the crossroads as well as songs from groups around the Beatles who knew of a replacement such as The Who with Substitute, Cat Stevens, The Moody Blues and The Rolling Stones. The last Beatles song on the last released album Abbey Road was a Robert Johnson tune.”

The book is a truly fascinating read, and for Beatles fans, it will not only answer questions, but it will also open the gates to many more questions that will be answered in the sequel.Keep in mind the book is a work of speculative fiction.

To learn more about the new book, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078WK4WCT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515531433&sr=8-1&keywords=walkin%27+blues+beatles+at+the+crossroads

About Walkin’ Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads

Walkin’ Blues-Beatles At The Crossroads was written by Jackie Lane and is available on Amazon.


Author of the book Jackie Lane, is available for interviews and comments on the book. Free copies of the book are available for review.

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