New Book Gains Huge Exposure Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You by Pete B. Betiku


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Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You by Pete B. Betiku

For anyone looking for a way to realize their full potential and exert their inner greatness, author Pete Betiku offers readers a path to “fire” the outdated version of themselves and “hire” the person they always wanted to be.

PARKER, CO – For people who are in search of a fuller meaning to life, Outskirts Press is proud to present Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You, a powerful book that offers the tools and tricks that world leaders and world-class athletes use to “live a life in which they are using their potential to exert their inner greatness.”

Author Pete Betiku tells readers, “You have an inner greatness that is just waiting to be released. It has always been a part of you. But inside you, there is also a fear or doubt that is casting a shadow and holding you back, blocking you from experiencing that greatness.”

Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You teaches that most people spend their precious time doing jobs and having lives that make them miserable. They have some “shadow” that seems to keep them from shining. It keeps them from truly utilizing their true potential. Betiku explains that a shadow can be a person, place, emotion, or thing that is preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone, and into your greatness.

In this book, you’ll learn a process for removing shadows in your path, anything negative that is preventing you from embarking on a prosperous life. You’ll learn how to start living your greatness by stepping out of any shadow that might be covering you. 

To do that, Betiku walks readers through the process of bringing out, or hiring, their “real” self.  The only way to do that is that readers must once and for all “fire” that outdated version of themselves, eliminating the shadows that hold them back.


About the author:

Pete Betiku is a Minneapolis-based businessman, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is passionate about conducting business and sharing his gift of teaching to help people get more out of life. As such, Betiku provides mentorship to people of all walks of life and many organizations. He enjoys traveling all over the country to teach about business and personal development. To learn more about the author and his services, contact Betiku via email at

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